Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Vidya Sundar paints


Scott Thomas Outlar writes

Come and Conquered

We have come
for your women and children.

We have come
for your silver and gold.

We have come
for your oil and opium.

We have come
with a pretense of peace
to bring hell upon your land.

We have come
with a pillar of salt.

We have come
with a manifest destiny
to shove down your throat.

We have come
to suck dry your land
and then leave it behind
as an arid desert for you to perish upon.

We have come
as wolves in sheep’s clothing

We have come
with smiling faces,
crossed fingers,
and bombs strategically held behind our backs.

We have come
with banks
to pilfer everything you’ve worked for.

We have come
with mercury for your shots,
pesticide for your food,
smog for your air,
and a cross for you to bear and bow down before.

We have come
with our program of chaos
and promises of a New Order.

We have come
with our machines
to welcome in a future
where humanity is obsolete.

We have come
with our blueprint
for a One World Revelation Kingdom.

We have come
with our televised frequencies
to keep your revolution in a trance.

We have come
with our marketing campaign
to make you feel inept and worthless.

We have come
and conquered
while you slept in apathy.

Pre-Columbia Aztec mural, North Wall, main stairway, Palacio Nacional, Ciudad de Mexico -- Diego Rivera

Manthena Damodara Chary


If you are always blissfully bold
To adorn with love all the world
Love represents your own world
Love is a sweetener of the word

You can own the wings of romance
To enjoy flight of fancy in elegance
Deity dwells in delightful dalliance
Eternity embraces love's endurance

Time never triumphs over loyal love
It finds itself identified with its glow
Felicitous feelings can always flow
To beaming bliss of breeze in blow

Lofty love can emanate its radiance
Beautifying existence with brilliance
Flowering feelings radiate fragrance
Entwining two hearts with elegance

Fantasy World captures the romance between two lovers in a beautiful yet surreal way. The Oil on Canvas Indian artist artwork celebrates the spirituality of love with a half naked man and a woman with angel wings, both emerging out from a pink lotus. Spiritual love and everlasting togetherness in a space of heaven https://www.mivaarts.com/fantasy-world.html #NoEmptyWalls #HomeDecor #WallPainting #VisualArt #MivaArts Fantasy World -- Bishwajeet Kaur

Rik George writes

Rock Creek

Brown water pools 

behind tangled stick fingers 
clutching the river’s belly. 
Gold leaves swirl in the current 
where trout fan their gills. 
A squirrel chatters a warning. 
I toss a pebble at him. 
He scrambles up the tree. 
Thunder breaks a cloud
over the mountain peak. 

The trout leaps and plunges. 
Raindrops break the ripples 
he left on the pool’s surface. 
I shelter under a boulder 
while the storm spews its fury.
Image result for storm paintings
After the Storm -- James Ensor

Monday, March 19, 2018

Sana Tamreen Mohammed writes


These winds,
gentle as the night.
Leaves rock to sleep.
From the tiny gaps 
through the night wood,
moonbeams fall
on my bed, your arm.
Everything brightens up again.

Your ear on my lips,
soft as a dream.
Whisper is a bird
that comes daily
in the small hours of morning 
with its favorite note.
Arm becomes a home
and nights are not long enough.
Never will be.
 Image result for asleep on arm paintings
 Lovers Sleeping -- Meredith O'Neal