Saturday, June 24, 2017

Bevan Boggenpoel writes

Sinister Minister

They drive flashy cars -
Live in mansions
They don't pay -
Any attention

They eat buffet dinners -
Drink expensive wine
With exquisite dessert -
They wine and dine

They parade -
In expensive dress
With make-up and jewellery -
To impress

With extravagant hairstyles -
And designer shoes
The taxpayers' money -
They abuse

The dire state of this country -
They choose to ignore
Because their elegant lifestyle -
Is always paid for


Conspirators: Or, Delegates in Council -- George Cruikshank

Lance Tait writes

Safety in Numbers

there’s no risk in being attacked by a watermelon
like there is with a rose.

stay with your school of fish, my love.
avoid being singled out by me.
 Nick Knight, Tom Hingston, CD cover design ballistic rose for Massive Attack greatest hits, 2006.
 Ballistic Rose -- Nick Knight, Tom Hingston

Jon Huer writes

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