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                                     GOD RUNS THROUGH ALL THESE ROOMS

                                                BOOK A: THE ENDS OF LOVE

Either Alzheimer's or the Lightning Blast


Another Spring Night in Farmersville, Ohio * Ah! Nights * Francis Drake * My Fingers * Without You Beth / My Life


Jennifer in Two Voices * "Mushrooming" * sAVAnnA * Atoll * Montana Motel * Queen of Denial * For Love * The Beast * Her Name is Jenny and Many a Morn has Worn her Face


Still Strangers (Prologue) * volcano * Solstices * this is how . it all begins * A Poem with a Title Near the End * Yes, But Where Are the Wheels? * Don't Get Me Wrong * Take Me In * A Poem and After 70 Years a Reply * Contretemps * Busses and Crosses * Leap Frog * Evidence for the Mutational Codependence of Time * What Wanton * Dowser * Once, Once * Trad * WORD * That Y in Miser Is Me: A Melodrama * Peace Meal * Eros in Erosion (Epilogue)


Hawked and Doves * Conquering Love * Loves I Bear to You * High Coup * (And) Purple: Prose * In Solitary * In Your Way * And, Do You Still Go by Beatrice? * Lillian the Ocean and the Isle of Palms * Confessions * Van/ity * Just Stupid, I Guess -- or Blind -- or Inattentive -- or... * Mary * Lepidoptourists * The Engagement * By Invitation Only * Don't Interrupt * Ley Line * First Night in Thailand * Liquid *A Feminophile's Plea * My Life in Tornado Alley * O Former-Lovers * Her Barbwire Lips: :Her Waterfall Eyes * Flight of Fantasy * Inanimate Enamorata * Antikarmic * Ergonomics * French Kiss, 1789 * In Order to Form A More Perfect Union * Gloved * Simple Math


Soul's Advice * Gracelessly Waiting * Dirty Blues * Reporting for Duty * Dear Departure * She came draped in birdsong * Regrets


Reverse Metamorphosis * Enlightenment * In an On-One (self-portrait, unfinished for now) * Nyun * La Srever S’efil * The Dance: Nancy


In My Defense  * And Just When I Thought the Earth was Turning Cold * Nocturne (a duet) * Sally * Apple Blues * We Within the Wheels: Dalit * Whispers


No Crosswise Stripes * Between Two Suns * Doubt and Reassurance * Cake's Consumed, Candles Extinguished, Balloons Popped or Deflated 


There Are Two Sorts of Zebras in This World

                                         INTERLUDE:  My Life Was Mapped Out for Me

                                                         BOOK B: BROKEN CHINA

Three by Li Bai * Passion for Life (after Wang Guozhen) * Paintings (after Wan Wei) * Homesickness (after Yu Guangzhong) * Qingyuan, Lantern Festival (after Xin Qiji) * Inlaid Harp (after Li Shangyin) * Flowering Tree (after Xi Murong) *  Yearning (after Wang Guozhen) * Cambridge, Goodbye Again (after Yu Guangzhang) *River Snow (after Liu Zongyuan) * Passing Anren by Road (after Yang Wanli)

                                                                 BOOK C: GIFT

Gift * The History of Our Art, Illustrated: From Madonna and Child to Mud on a Windshield *

“in the 7th day”

Kingston: 8 Days! 7 Nights! * Escher's Sharks * Newman * The Attic Language * Around 5800 South on Ellis

“flaming sword slicing up the sky”
Bush Babies: I. Responsible Parties * II. 49th Isonzo * III. Iraq/Katrina Collidoscope * IV. Locks & Boxes * V. I Ask Us * VI. Swastikas? Where? Which Ones? * VII. Rootedness * Choice

“humankind was witness”

                                                             BOOK D: HEAVEN

Poems by Yun Dongju

[12 December 1934]
One Candle * Life and Death *No Tomorrow
[18 January 1935]
On the Street
A Daydream * Southern Sky
[20 October 1935]
Blue Sky

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