Monday, September 25, 2017

Alex Krivtsov shoots

Annu Ann Laguri

Today's ravan!

How is ravan...???
Who is ravan ..??
Does he have 10 heads...?
Does he have a huge castle..?
Does he hv an army of monsters..??
This is not that ravan,
This is modern Raven,
This made frm system ravan,
He beats his wife brutally
This ravan murders children
Rapes girls..
Does not see the age...!
Only sees the skin of girls..!!
Today's ravan is violent instinct ravan.
He is a heartless prsn.....
He has no sympathy for the injured man .. who falls on the road...
He is spreading. Poverty.unemployment. helplessness. Many more thng..s
This ravan is inside the ppl
Wht he will think...
We ppl didn't understand this...
This ravan is just around us...
Our society, our home, among our own ppl....!!
I think...??
That old ravan was good..!!
Bcz.. He liked only one lady
Bt today's ravan.....
We do not know when...and where he attack us..
Today's ravan will be bigger an bigger .. and more bigger.....
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 Koneswaram Temple,Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

Alyssa Trivett writes

I'm A Lady With A Spinning Head

My wrist knots untied, 
circus tumbled me down  
escalator levels of rocks 
and my once-broken tailbone  
phantom limb aches again. 
My head clatters, do I have one left? 
Cowbells chime. I'm headed in the 
opposite direction of up. 
There are no stars train-wrecking my mirage eyes. 
Only ears ringing. Like smoke alarms. 
I tallied cobwebs on my bloodied hands and 
envisioned this poet's spinning head 
weaving words in sand.

spinning around the head 
Spinning Around the Head -- Murciglass

Arlene Corwin writes

What Is There To Gain? 
      (apropos the morning news)

What is there to gain 
By killing six or seven million people, 
Insects, plant life, animals and soil? 
Bomb of hydrogen 
A hundred times more potent  
Than the bomb that foiled Hiroshima.
What is there to gain 
Except a laughing Kim Jong-un – 
In front of cameras that 
Will televise to almost no one 
Anymore? Not to mention 
Money? Trade?  
Nearly or completely gone: 
At least out of the question.

Of course, 
Now that I think of it 
What’s there to gain by killing? 
Sadly, all the scriptures have it, do it, yet, 
Beneath it all is peacefulness 
And yes, non-violence.

It’s amazing what one thinks about  
While watching news that’s sprouting.

What is there to gain by murdering 
A fast becoming hopeless people 
Living on a fast becoming heap of scrap 
In nature fast becoming put to sleep 
For what will probably be 
Quite a long, long, long, long time.

to be continued… (not or maybe)
 A Reddit user used Photoshop to imagine what President Trump and Kim Jon Un would look like if they swapped hair 

"This has been the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever."