Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Devika Mathur writes

Vintage Scars

The coruscating skins of skins often produce flames, flames of scars, memories,
A segment encrypted and deformed like petroleum jelly
Crisp, papercuts and unsaid gaze.
The cerulean orchid thumps against my white chin
knocking mysteries, opening perforated lies of life
Beneath the vapid thunders and above the summery pavements,
I listen to the jokes of past,
A facet of formations of conundrums and facts.
Rub, squeeze, swallow
Colour my collarbone with your hallucinations,
I am a crime in this heinous canvas of parasites,
I thrive and gulp
like a swollen raisin, I expect and expect.
After the process, I shatter like a needle pin
piercing Osmosis and perching
my Vintage scars.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Robert J. Fouser shoots

Ikseon-dong, Seoul


Tim Edwards shoots and writes

Snow lies on a branch
A slumbering big cat waits
Falling silently

Ike writes


I am sitting at my desk
I sit here to write
But nothing comes to mind
It is hard to sit here
And nothing comes to mind
No matter how long I sit here
Nothing comes to mind
I guess I can't write anymore
Oh wait a minute I have written
Haven't I!!
A painting by Del Parson depicting Joseph Smith sitting at a desk with his head resting on his elbow while he translates the gold plates to Oliver Cowdery on the other side of a curtain.
Joseph Smith Translating the Gold Plates -- Del Parson

Arlene Corwin writes

A Slice Of Sloth

I’ve a goodly slice of sloth.
Not total self, but there it is,
A chunk disguised,
Not recognized by those around,
But I, I see it, know it,
Bowing, yes, kowtowing to it. 
Here I sit admitting it
To get it off my chest and onto paper.

Much below the conscious,
Goodness knows
Why one must beep a caper
Steeped in bloopers
Onto paper. 

Definitely didactic -
(I’ve a slice of that inside me too.)
One hopes that you
Get something
From what may be vice, deficiency and weakness
Or a strong point, good point, asset, strength.

A slice of anything can be an anything
To anyone
Depending on
Its use.
 Image result for sloth paintings
 Sloths Hanging Out -- Eli Halpin